eSsential Nurse Pathway:

What Nurses Need: Creating a Sustainable Nursing Practice: Thriving in Nursing, Excelling in Care


This curriculum is designed for nurses, and healthcare providers. It serves direct care nurses across practice environments, in healthcare organizations, hospitals, and where nurses are practicing. It is offered as a private seminar for nurses and healthcare professionals and for organizations who wish to develop nurse resiliency, job satisfaction and prevent burn-out.


While Nurses often advocate for healthy environments and lifestyles for patients, this does not consistently cross-over into professional self-care and personal well-being. Burn-out, depression, emotional fatigue, and poor work-life balance affect quality of care, attrition rates, and job satisfaction. A survey by the ANA in 2017 demonstrated that Nurses can improve on their own self-care, and that supportive work environments and leadership continue to be a challenge.

American Nurses are facing an epidemic of burn out. Nursing burn-out leads to increased errors and hospital acquired infections, staffing shortages, poor staff engagement and patient dissatisfaction.

The purpose of the eSsential Nurse Pathway is to empower Nurses to develop and sustain authentic Nursing practices and a culture that promotes well-being, burn-out prevention and recovery and enables nurses to establish healthy boundaries and work-life balance. Through this, nurses and organizations will experience improved job satisfaction, engagement, and quality patient outcomes.

This program aligns with the ANA’s Healthy Work Environments, Magnet, The American Holistic Nurses’ Association self-care guidelines.

eSsential Nurse Curriculum:

  • Resilience: Thrive & Shine at Anytime
  • Be Who You ARE: Practicing authenticity and bring meaning to your practice
  • Stop Pouring From an Empty Cup: Well-Being, Balance and Self Care for Nurses
  • Communication: A Tool Kit for Nurses, a safety net for patients
  • Be the Change: Creating a roadmap for meaningful work environments
  • Moral Resilience in Challenging Times
  • Career Building for Nurses: Building a meaningful practice and tending your legacy
  • The Nurse Burn-Out Epidemic: Protecting yourself and patients
  • Beyond Survivor Syndrome: Strategies to Eliminate Nurse Bullying and Workplace Violence